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Seminarium ACMiN: Water assisted focused electron beam induced etching of graphene and silicon dioxide
Czwartek, 27. Luty 2020, 14:00 - 16:00

Uprzejmie zapraszamy na Seminarium ACMiN, które odbędzie się w czwartek 27 lutego 2020 r. o godz. 14.00 w Sali Audytoryjnej ACMiN AGH na II piętrze budynku D-16 (ul. Kawiory 30).

Referat pt. "Water assisted focused electron beam induced etching of graphene and silicon dioxide" wygłosi dr inż. Jan Michalik (Wydział Fizyki i Informatyki Stosowanej).


Graphene is one of the most extensively studied 2D materials, exhibiting extraordinary mechanical and electronic properties. Although many years passed since the material discovery, manipulating single layers of graphene is still challenging using a standard resist electron beam lithography. Recently it has been shown that it is possible to etch graphene directly, with a spatial resolution of ten nanometers with water using Focused-Electron-Beam-Induced-Etching (FEBIE). Nanostructurizing graphene with this method in one single step without using a mask is very appealing, however the whole surface kinetics phenomena are complex and the etch patterns are strongly dependent on the beam parameters. In our work we focus on the lateral resolution of this technique to correlate the beam parameters with obtained AFM profiles including CPEM (Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy) technology for the simultaneous acquisition of AFM and SEM signals which enabled efficient and complex surface analysis. The AFM-in-SEM approach allows for in-situ analysis, thus the graphene was modified and immediately measured by AFM without changing the environment. Not less importantly and for the first time we observe that the SiO2/Si substrate can be also etched using water assisted FEBIE technique. We provide Raman spectroscopy results to discuss the defects introduced into the material during the etching process.

Miejsce : Sala Audytoryjna ACMiN AGH (1.02A), na II piętrze pawilonu D-16 (ul. Kawiory 30).