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Seminarium ACMiN: "Synthesis of nanostructured materials via template - assisted electrodeposition"
Czwartek, 14. Listopad 2019, 14:00 - 16:00

Uprzejmie zapraszamy na Środowiskowe Seminarium Fizyki Ciała Stałego i Seminarium ACMiN, które odbędzie się w czwartek 14 listopada 2019 r. o godz. 14.00 w Sali Audytoryjnej ACMiN AGH na II piętrze budynku D-16 (ul. Kawiory 30).

Referat pod tytułem "Synthesis of nanostructured materials via template-assisted electrodeposition" wygłosi dr inż. Katarzyna Hnida-Gut (ACMiN).


Multifunctional nanostructured materials attracted the attention of scientists and industry due to the possibility of their use in various fields, e.g. as elements of logic circuits, thermoelectric generators, chemical and biological sensors and nanoelectric devices. The primary limitation associated with the practical application of nanomaterials in relatively high costs of their manufacture. Therefore, the efforts of researchers are focused on the development of new, relatively easy to implement, and above all, inexpensive methods for the preparation of nanomaterials.
In my lecture I will focus on explaining what template-assisted electrodeposition is, how it can be used to produce high-quality nanostructures of various shapes and sizes, and what can be done with such nanostructures later. The whole will be supported by a large number of microscopic photos, films and images. I hope to prove that the electrochemical methods for nanomaterials synthesis are not only effective but also versatile.

Miejsce : Sala Audytoryjna ACMiN AGH (1.02A), na II piętrze pawilonu D-16 (ul. Kawiory 30).