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Seminarium ACMiN: "Chemical analysis on nanoscale using soft X-ray scanning microscopes"
Czwartek, 24. Październik 2019, 14:00 - 16:00

Uprzejmie zapraszamy na Środowiskowe Seminarium Fizyki Ciała Stałego i Seminarium ACMiN, które odbędzie się w czwartek 24 października 2019 r. o godz. 14.00 w Sali Audytoryjnej ACMiN AGH na II piętrze budynku D-16 (ul. Kawiory 30).

Referat pod tytułem "Chemical analysis on nanoscale using soft X-ray scanning microscopes" wygłosi Prof. Tolek Tyliszczak (Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, National Synchrotron Radiation Centre – SOLARIS).


X-ray absorption very much depends on the elemental and chemical speciation of the absorbing sample. Synchrotron radiation can be focus to a relatively small spots allowing using X-ray absorption for chemical analysis on nanoscale. Soft X-rays are especially attractive because of its relatively high sensitivity to chemical bonding for light elements.
A typical spatial resolution of a Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscope (STXM) is about 20 nm for imaging and about 50 nm for chemical analysis. In last few years, there is a new development of combining scanning microscopy with a recording a diffraction pattern at each point. Because the focused beam is coherent, the diffraction patterns can be reconstructed to significantly enhance the spatial resolution. This new technique, called ptychography, can result in demonstrated images with down to 3 nm resolution and 6 nm for the chemical analysis.
Status of the soft X-ray spectromicroscopy will be presented on examples from magnetization dynamics, environmental sciences, polymer sciences, catalyst research, atmospheric research, cometary research and geological research. Special emphasize will be given on in-situ and in-operando measurements of batteries and fuel cells. Important aspect of radiation damage during soft X-ray spectromicroscopy measurements in comparison with energy loss TEM chemical mapping will be also discussed.

Miejsce : Sala Audytoryjna ACMiN AGH (1.02A), na II piętrze pawilonu D-16 (ul. Kawiory 30).