Langmuir-Blodgett trough is used for fabrication and examination of monomolecular films on gas-liquid or liquid-liquid interfaces. The owned equipment allows transfer of fabricated films onto solid substrates (e.g. glass, quartz, silicon, mica).

Langmuir-Blodgett trough allows for fabrication of mono- and multilayers, biomembranes, organic and inorganic coatings with precisely controlled thickness, compression ratio and molecular orientation.

The system is additionally equipped with surface potential sensor (SPOT) and Brewster angle microscope (MicroBAM). Measurement of surface potential and pressure combined with Brewster angle microscopy allows examination of electrical properties, surface reaction and behavior of Langmuir films at the interfacial boundary. The system is equipped with an external thermostat to stabilize and control the subphase temperature.

General specification

Trough Model


Trough surface area [cm2]


Maximum compression ratio


Barrier speed [mm/min]


Surface tension measurement range [mN/m]


Dipping well dimensions (LxWxD) [mm]

20 x 110 x 110

Maximum sample dimensions (TxWxH) [mm]

3 x 106 x 106

Dipping speed [mm/min]

0.1 - 108

Additional Equipment

Surface potential sensor (SPOT)

Brewster angle microscope (MicroBAM)

Angle-of-incident [deg]

53, fixed

Dimensions (H x L x W) [cm]

Instrument: 40.2 × 22 × 27.7

Measuring head: 7.2 × 5.7 × 16.2

Field of view (um)

600 x 4000

Contact person

dr Dorota Lachowicz

Langmuir Blodgett
Langmuir Blodgett