The sorption analyser can be used to determine the quantity of the gas absorbed by a sample, under controlled pressure and temperature conditions, using Sieverts’ volumetric method. The apparatus is designed to analyse the sorption of H2, CO2, CH4, N2 and Ar. It can be integrated with the IMI system in conjunction with an automatic manometric gas sorption analyser, thereby enabling measurements of PCT isotherms (Pressure-Composition-Temperature). It also allows the observation of the kinetics of the sorption-desorption process as well as studies of materials durability during the cyclic absorption and desorption of gases within a given range of temperatures and pressures. The system incorporates a reaction chamber which offers sample loading capacity of up to 10 cm3, and additionally, buffer volume vessels can also be connected, which enables sufficiently accurate measurements on small samples.


Temperature range

from R.T. do 500°C

Pressure range

0 ̶ 200 bar

Sample weight

up to 5 g

Measurement resolution

< 1 μmole

Gas flow

1000 ml/min

Tryby pomiaru

sorption isotherm, sorption/desorption cycles

Contact person

prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Przybylski

The sorption analyser
The sorption analyser