The device for printing is a Flexa Duo printer from the Polish company 3Novatica. It is equipped with the two printing nozzles, which allows printing using two materials at the same time. The second material is mainly used for filling, scaffolding (eg, Water-soluble) or part of the model. All types of filaments can be used for work: ABS, PLA, PET, HDPE, TPU, HIPS, etc. The printer has a heated table with three-point leveling system, built-in webcam for remote viewing, lighting indicating high operating temperature and a solid frame and light head, which reduces vibrations and increases precision. All motors are hidden in the frame or in the lower housing that protects the electronics. Belt drive XY made of H system (Upper part), A Axles of hidden engines and bottom parts are guided by hard rigid sleeves that are also guides for the XY drive and guide bars for the table moving along the Z axis (with screw drive). Built-in card reader and LCD display allows you to control the printer and print without using a computer.

Dimensions of the working area: 190 x 190 x 230 mm
Positioning accuracy XY 12.5 μm
Positioning accuracy Z 0.625 μm
Efficiency 8.67 m / h for a 0.2 mm layer Work without a break
Nozzle diameter 0.5 mm
The diameter of the filament 1.75 mm
Standard software RepetierHost (.stl, .obj formats)
RepRap (Marlin / Sprinter) g-code flavor
Max. Table temperature 100 ° C
Max head temperature 255 ° C

Contact person:

mgr Vladimir Gorokh