Quanta 3D 200i is a dual beam microscope dedicated to preparation of thin foils for TEM/STEM investigations. The instrument is equipped with both an electron gun (tungsten filament) and an ion gun (Ga+). The possible acceleration voltages of both beams are in the range of 500 V – 30 kV. The maximum achievable current of ion beam is 65 nA. The instrument is also equipped with a micromanipulator (Omniprobe) for in situ lift-out of thin foils and gas injection system (GIS) for Pt deposition. SEM/FIB technique allows for preparation of thin lamella from specific chosen area of the material with an accuracy of few micrometres.

Working parameters

Type of electron gun W filament
Acceleration voltage 500 V – 30 kV
Detectors LFD, GSED, SS STEM, Low kv SS BSED
Ion gun Ga
Ion beam current 1.5 pA - 65 nA
Micromanipulator Omniprobe Model 100.7
Holders Dual TEM Grid Holder, Universal Lift-out Holder

Contact person

dr inż. Marta Gajewska

Scanning electron microscope