System for neuromimetic investigations is a universal combination of light pulse generators and time-resolved analyzers of electric signal. System is composed of matrix exposer equipped with high-powered LED arrays, nitrogen pulse laser (VSL-337, Laser Science, Inc.), system of signal amplifiers (AIM-TTi, Yamaha), digital signal source 1 mHz – 2 GHz (AIM-TTi, Anritsu, Yamaha, Rigol), digital oscilloscopes (LeCroy, Agilent), fast analog potentiostat, Fourier spectrum analyzers (Agilent, Rode&Schwartz), vectorial analyzer with RF/DC diplexer (Bode100, Omicron Labs, Austria), current-voltage sources (Keithley), electrochemical workstation (Zahner IM6), analog delay lines (Dunlop, Electrocharmonics), and pulse quality meter (Yokogawa).

System enabling registration of photocurrent responses with time resolution up to 50 ns, modulation of light signals generated by analog and digital sources at frequencies up to 100 kHz (including acoustic signals generated by dedicated audio system), generation of repeatable light signals of duration period even of 50 μs, advanced signal analysis based on FFT algorithms, enabling analysis with autocorrelation and reciprocal correlation. System is dedicated for analysis of photocurrent dynamics in semiconducting nanostructures, time of recombination and lifetime of trap states as well as memory effect in photosensitive systems.

System is also equipped with two nanosecond pulse lasers with tunable parametric oscillators and laser modulator supported by three laser diodes.

Potentiostat/Galvanostat Zahner IM6 is supported by two external potentiostats (PP211, X-Pot) and systems for photocurrent and photovoltage registration at controlled monochromatic irradiation source intensity as well as at fast light pulses. Systems is also equipped with FRA module, 16-channel multiplexer, module for registration and analysis of electrochemical noises, module for registration of fast pulses and courses (up to 40 MHz), low impedance probe (up to 1000 TΩ || 1 pF) and optical bench.

Working parameters

Zahner IM6

Potential range: ± 4 V; ± 10 V (U-buffer)

Current range: ± 100 nA do ± 3 A; ± 1 nA do ± 0.5 A (HiZ Probe)

Resolution: ± 125 μV; ± 320 μV (U-buffer)

Accuracy: ± 250 μV; ± 1 mV (U-buffer)

Temperature stability: > 20 μV/˚C

AC amplitude: 1 mV do 1 V

Bandwidth: 8 MHz

FRA – frequency analyzer

Frequency range: 10 μHz to 8 MHz

Accuracy: < 0.0025 %

Resolution: 0.0025 %, 10000 pkt/dec

Controlled Intensity Modulated Photocurrent/Photovoltage Spectroscopy:

Wavelenght range: 448 nm, white light (4300K)

Frequency range: 10 μHz to 200 kHz

Supply output range for light source: ± 10 A, ± 20 V (PP211); ± 500 mA, ± 25 V (XPot)

PP211 Potentiostat:

Potential range: ± 20 V (accuracy ± 2 mV)

Current range: 0 A to ± 10 A (accuracy ± 1 mA)

Output power: 200 W

Frequency range: 10 μHz – 200 kHz

PP211 Potentiostat:

Potential range: ± 10 V (accuracy ± 1 mV)

Current range: 10 nA do ± 500 mA (dokładność ± 100 pA)

Output power: 12 W

Frequency range: 10 μHz – 200 kHz

Contact persons

prof. dr hab. Konrad Szaciłowski, dr inż. Krzysztof Mech, mgr inż. Kacper Pilarczyk

System for neuromimetic research
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System for neuromimetic research